-New developer
-New art
-New items: bow and turrets (still need polishing / balancing)
-Added 2 biomes, ice and lava
-Changelog link readded
-Privacy link updated

- New physics system that should handle really more objects at the same time.
- Added skins, to choose between for.
- Changed water, added some animations, show map when first entrance to game, changed water movement and some movement and speed tweaking.

- Performance improvements
- Animals update
- Added venom and venom sword. makes damage over time
- Now you see when someone attacks
- Build blocks are now stronger.
- Swords makes more damage
- Throwing stones makes a bit less damage
- Now you drop all your items when died

- Fix bug using items not in inventory
- Gold is now throwable
- Throw items to allies for give it to them.

- Added small potion
- Added big potion
- Fixed many bugs and exploits
- Made map smaller and less players playing.
- Changes to improve performance